Strange But True

Did you know…

  • In Kuwait people use only a fitted sheet and not a top sheet, so Ikea stocks only a few top sheets, that only come in white, for the Westerners over here.
  • The outdoor steps are made of tile, and due to the fact that they are covered in an invisible layer of sand, they are extremely slippery. (Yes I fell hard! The security guard in my building now laughs every time he sees me. Glad I could make his day.)
  • There is a restaurant here that sells Grilled Viagra Sandwiches and Frisky Fries.
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7 thoughts on “Strange But True

  1. Frisky fries! Lol. By the way I hate top sheets…Kuwait here I come!!

  2. Julio

    can I have a sandwich.. lol please keep writing.. 🙂

  3. Pam

    Hylin your adventure so far sounds fun and interesting. I’m with you on the top sheet thing….,hate washing duvets!!! Lol have a great time cuz and can’t wait to see all your updates and live vicariously through you. Take care!

  4. Lisa

    Hylin good to hear you made it safely to Kuwait! I think we
    are going to learn some interesting things from you over the next
    few months. Enjoy your time there!

  5. colleen

    I will be staying away from the steps. I fell last night on the tile floor at school. Now they put the signs up that indicate wet carpet ….slippery floors. Where were those signs last night. Boob plant!!! Lol . U shld make a sign that says slippery when sandy lol.

  6. Carmen McPhee

    Enjoy all adventures in Kuwait! We are thinking about you here!

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